178 Ivan Franko Street , Rudniya Village , Brovary district , Kiev region 07430, Ukraine

How to get there :

after our Kalinovka yard and further north towards Chernigov , drive on the high way around 13 Km then take the right hand side street heading to Rudniya village , from there keep straight for 12 Km and you will see the sawmill from the main road (about 400m from the main road )


Walter line :

Disc cutting Polish made complete line, installed in Chernigov and moved to our Rudniya facility in September 2019 , with latest aspiration and dust extraction system

This line can cut logs with diameters up to 350mm but we are limiting our cutting to 250mm for maximum speed

Target sizes :

pallet elements and boards up to 25mm and widths from 70mm up to 200mm

Description :

This line is an all disc cutting line , starting with prisma machine TD-500 KBA which can accept logs of diameters up to 40cm. Then we move the prismas (center beams)  to the multi rip disc machine WD-250/350 KBA 220mm height. 

The side boards will go through two machines OP-500 КВА (Horizontal slicing ) & OWD-4/350 КВА (vertical edger with laser pointer for moving disc)

finally , we will cross cut everything on the 6m long also provided from Walters 

Two Mebor Sawmills line :

This line is used to cut big diameter logs , it comprises of two Mebor horizontal band saws HTZ 1200 pro and HTZ 1100 connected to a series of double arbor multi-rip , a disc edger , a 4 stage horizontal band saw from Stenner, the line is equipped with the latest technology of laser cutting and uses 160mm wide band for optimum cutting.

it can process 80m3 of logs in 1 shift or more than 1 container of finished product every day


Our stacking EWD line with automatic cross cutting is fully operational now