AST & KD Pallet wood:

pallet wood elements is a regular item we are shipping to many markets around the world, from North Africa, to the middle east, Pakistan , India, Korea and China. 

we are supplying AST (anti-stain treated) custom cut pallet elements in which we dip our pallet elements in special tanks filled with 4.5% Anti- Blue chemical to make sure no fungus/ mold or termite will be existing in the wood and nothing would develop during the transit time of container shipments . 

we are also shipping 16% Kiln dried pallet elements which we are drying in our Kilns. We are regularly testing the Mc (moisture content) of the wood and make sure it is leaving our premises with less than 16%. 


second grade pallet elements:

we also produce 2nd grade pallet elements from the dead logs, the main defects are blue stain (without limit ) and termite holes which can be seen below . This grade is popular for low grade pallet productions where quality is not highly needed and their price makes a good compromise for the end user.