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Black Sea wood trading is the international sales department of Kubra general Trade Company , Our group started in 1991 in Amman , Jordan and has grown rapidly over the past 26 years to a major wood trading and manufacturing company in the middle east.

In 2011 we decided to start our international trading department under the name Black Sea wood trading , we started with a simple office in Saif zone Sharjah, then we opened our second office in the heart of Kiev , Ukraine , today we have more than 20 staff members working in the trading department alone.

Black sea wood tradingis vertically integrated company that have built its activity in two interrelated fields such as wood trading and full-cycle wood processing at the same time. We gained our success by providing economically sensible prices, stability in supply, quality and time deliveries to clients.

We are now running two mills in the west of Ukraine (on is specialized in producing pine and the second is for Spruce production). We also keep a growing list of 22 private and Government mills covering geograficaly all of Ukraine.

We have our own team of quality control, checking constantly on every single shipment done to any customer around the globe, we can provide a third party independent inspection reports required by any customer and we do our own logistics from Ukraine to several ports around the world.

Our growing list of customers are covering the whole of the middle east (Jordan , Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia , UAE ), south Asia (Pakistan and India) and south East Asia (China, Korea, Vietnam) and we are working on developing new markets such as Bangladesh, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.


Our Mission

To promote Ukrainian softwood and hardwood sawn-timber and mouldings to the world, through a network of offices, representatives and reliable customers.  

You are successful the moment you start moving towards a worthwhile goal.
— Charles Carlson

What We've Achieved

  • we are currently running sales office in Amman, Jordan. Sharjah, UAE, Karatchi, Pakistan.
  • We are operating two saw mills in Ukraine, one in Chernigov and the other in in Rudniya Brovary.
  • We have a network of 72 private and government sawmills supplying us on regular basis.
  • over 150 containers loaded per month and looking for a record of 200 before the end of 2018
  • we have a qualified team of inspectors running around the whole of state Ukraine equipped with the necessary tools to ensure the quality that meet the customer's requirement    
  • In 2018 we have reached 14 international markets and will ship more than 1800 containers of sawn timber.